Emote copied :)

so a friend told me that he saw my emote even though i had it gone for quiet a while.

i made the emote back in feb 2016

was planning on reuploading mine.

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Unfortunately file metadata is not proof of when a file was created as it can be modified after the fact, and we only allow specific emotes to be uploaded by a one person. You would need to use the sharing feature if you want their emote in your channel. If you own the copyright on the content you can also send a legal DMCA takedown request through our contact form: https://nightdev.com/contact

how else can i prove that i made it?
i have this https://gyazo.com/8d5826333d692371806e6a0c29b62cc7
the full resolution picture.
there is no way i can get that from a 112x112 picture from him

There is no other course of action here, sorry. I already stated your only options.

well your link only links me to the forum again.

You should select ‘to resolve an account issue’ in the ‘Why are you contacting us?’ box, this will reveal the rest of the form and allow you to finish filling it out.

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