Emote Confirmation Question

Good evening all.

I had a quick question in regards to emotes that I have sent pending confirmation since last Saturday or Sunday (not sure the exact date) and wanted to see if there was any update.

I know the average time is 0-5 days and I wasn’t sure if there was a larger influx of emotes that had slowed the process down.

I have not received a confirmation or decline email from Betterttv so I just wanted to see if there was a time frame for when I would get either.

No rush and I understand how busy everyone on the forum is, just wanted to ask.

Thanks so much!

There is no time frame but we have been a bit behind. Apologies for the delay and i will look into this. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

No worries! I reuploaded them in case there was an issue on my end, but thank you for the quick response!

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