Emote button in chat no longer works

Hi there. I’m just posting to say that the emote button in BetterTTV no longer works for me. I have it installed in Firefox 31.0 and Chrome 36.0.1985.125m, on Windows 8.1 Professional x64, both with caches cleared. It used to be that I could click on the emote button and nothing would happen, however after clearing my cache it no longer appears. I am unsure as to why this is as I have the same settings enabled in BTTV which previously meant the button would show. Any ideas? I’d love to have the button back. Thanks guys.

What other addons are you running? Also are you logged into Twitch?

In Chrome I’m running Adblock, BetterTTV, and RES. Firefox is the same plus Omnibar and S3.Download Statusbar. And yes, I’m logged into Twitch. :smile:

Please give the standalone version of the emote menu a try. Let me know if it works.

This is the error the console throws each time I try clicking on it both with the package BTTV Version and the Standalone Version.

“TypeError: emotes.subscriptions.sets is undefined” Line 576 (BTTV)

@hitakashi, did you make sure the BTTV option for the emote menu was disabled before trying the standalone? Also, what browser are you using?

I tried using the standalone, and it doesn’t work for me either. I disabled the BTTV emote menu option, and I even disabled BTTV. Still no luck. Would love to know what’s going on here.

Yes, made sure it was off before installing the standalone. Im using Firefox 31.

Can you try it with all other extensions disabled. Specifically adblock.

Tried it with everything disabled except Tampermonkey for the standalone, the button still does not work. I then tried disabling everything and just having BTTV running, no options set but the emote button one. This also does not work. I do not have a subscription of any kind nor do I have turbo.

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Can you try with a different Twitch account?

We are aware of issues with the emote button, and they will be addressed as soon as possible.

Crosspost from the tracker:

Please try installing the standalone from commit 5b423f066018944f442da05a284fe7185488f123

Note that the version shows v0.6.2, but this is a test build (that is at the commit I mentioned), so don’t keep it installed longer than to test. Let me know if it works–I’m taking a stab in the dark as I can’t reproduce.

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I’ve completely reverted the commit, as the feature clearly needs more work and more testing. v0.6.3 should fix this.

I am using 0.6.8 and also have this issue with BTTV and the emote button not working. I have Chrome and have tried toggling the options and restarting my browser and ensuring that everything is as up to date as possible.

Its rather annoying as I mod and use to use the emote button a lot.

With the standalone installed, the button changes the mouse cursor, but clicking it does nothing.

Opening the log I get the following when ever I try to click on the emote button:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘indexOf’ of undefined VM4296:564
(anonymous function) VM4296:564
(anonymous function) VM4296:558
refreshUsableEmotes VM4296:546
populateEmotesMenu VM4296:419
toggleMenu VM4296:316
p.event.dispatch global-cf19226d47a374248b69b965d4311513.js:15
g.handle global-cf19226d47a374248b69b965d4311513.js:15

Hope this information is helpful.

This version does work for me. The one that was package with the recent BTTV Version 6.8R4 does not though.

Edit 7/27: The one that’s used with BTTV now works :smiley:

My bad… The little blurb that goes on the top of the chat says 6.8 but when you open up BTTV it says 6.8R4