Emote aprroved but its not working, dunno why :(

Hi lupin_remus,

Your emote “RichR” has been approved! It will be available within a few minutes for your Twitch channel (you and your viewers will need to refresh for it to work).

You can manage your emote at https://manage.betterttv.net/emotes/5804956daaf90df07e1a4ef8


The BetterTTV Team
i tried to change name to richB, maybe it will work with other name?
thank you

If you change the emote name it has to go through reapproval.

so this means that they can reject it? :confused:

Yes they can if they see fit, currently as the manage page states:

Status: Pending Review

After the re-approval process it will be usable.

but it was already approved :disappointed_relieved:

Even if an emote is approved, if you change anything about the emote, it needs to be re-approved. This unfortunately means you can’t use the emote while it’s in that process.