!ELO command for TFT (Teamfight tactics)

What is the command for !elo to TFT??
Same as !commands add !rank $(leagueoflegends summoner_name region)


Night plans to look into adding Teamfight Tactics data to the $(leagueoflegends) variable soon.

You can now optionally add queue onto the league of legends variable.

$(leagueoflegends summoner_name region queue)

queue can be

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Hi devs, and how i do to make the rank + points league together? thank you

Can you elaborate? I’m not well versed specifically with League

League Points is a number that reflects how close you are to ranking up, it ranges from 0 to 100, where when you reach 100 you enter a best of 3 to pass to the next division, or best of 5 to pass to next rank.

Some websites that provides rank stats provides league points aswell, like, when you do !rank the bot answers with “Platinum IV (57 LP)” so people know the user is kind of halfway to Platinum III, instead of just saying “Platinum IV”.

I think that’s what he meant :stuck_out_tongue:

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So there is a 0-99 number called League Points that you gain/lose each game and hitting the lower bound or upper bound will rank the player up. So someone sitting at gold 2 80LP will win a game and gain 20LP, then get into Gold 1 0 LP. If you test the command with regular ranked league of legends, I believe nightbot includes LP.

Wow what’s the coincidence someone replies 10 seconds before I do lol

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Apologies for the delays. I’ll take a closer look when I get some time. Perhaps this is something I can add.

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