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How do I see if I’m a channel nightbot editor?
Good day, I want to add someone as my channel’s nightbot editor, I’ve already found how to do it, but I do not know how to find the Nightbot User ID Code. Can someone help me?

thank u !!!

Have the person you want to add as a Channel Manager head over to This page and check the User ID that shows in the upper right corner of the page. Have them give you that unique string/token and add it as a New Manager.

Note: Don’t share that ID with anyone but the person who’s doing the Adding as Manager.

yeah i like the functionality with that id to add someone as manager. i hate it when people add me as mod and editor for other bots without knowing bout it, it can be annoying. in my experience, if someone added you as manager in nightbot you need ro relogin to see it.

what i am still missing in nightbot are options to see who else is manager or the number of managers for channels you are manager and the option to remove yourself as manager, i had that issue before with someone i was best friend, main mod and bot manager, but there was big drama, fight etc. but nightbot support was really helpful to get me removed as manager xD

regards Anti

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