Editing the default !commands command

I don’t want the default !commands to link the page listing my channel commands. Is there a way to disable that behavior? I still need it to be active so mods can work with commands in the channel.

If you only want mods to be able to access the command, simply change the command’s userlevel to be Moderators via the command’s options at https://beta.nightbot.tv/commands/default

I do already have it set to Mods only, so that helps.

Previously though, I had a custom !commands command which provided some info / guidelines, but not a list of commands. The mods understand not to run !commands now, but I wanted to see if it could be edited or otherwise not display a link to the commands list (because that can invite spam).

Unfortunately we now group commands to simplify management and clarify usage. All commands related stuff is under !commands, which cannot be changed. Instead of having !commands list info/guidelines, you could make a !rules command instead.

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