Editing Nightbot commands from inside Nightbot commands

So, long ago I made a command !nomulti with the message “edit !multi No multistream today, sorry!”. It works. I mean, it edits !multi command (when I type !nomulti in the chat, I get “CallMeRive -> The command “!multi” has been edited successfully.” message from Nightbot).

Now I’m experimenting with the same mechanism and it isn’t working anymore. I made another command, !testmulti. Its message is “edit !multi Today’s multistream: none”. And it doesn’t work, it doesn’t edit !multi command. In the chat it produces “edit !multi Today’s multistream: none” message from Nightbot, not the message abt successful editing.

I’m totally lost.
The commands look totally identical, but the old one works, the new one - doesn’t.

Make sure you set !commands in the alias field.

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Thank you! That worked, totally forgot abt that one.

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