Easy way to get the refresh token?

Im trying to make an app that reacts to certain donation messages and outputs a command (on my end). This requires the app to read the streamtip donation API and parse only the amount and donation message which I already have working.

However, every time I try to do this, I need to fetch the refresh token (as I want to be able to run this sort of thing for hours). Is there any easy way to obtain a refresh token? Im also asking because I want to get this set up for other people.

refresh_token is already returned during the exchange of the auth code for the access token. You should store both the access token and refresh token, and then exchange the refresh token for another access token and refresh token when the original access token expires.

Yes, but is there any easier way to exchange this?

Im trying to set this up for a friend who is not a computer person, I need to have them do this themselves without me being there.

OAuth is meant for people making third party applications. If you need a permanent token for personal use, you can use the client ID and access token from your account area: https://streamtip.com/account

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