Dropbox link in the alerts don't link correctly

When I tried to use the follower alert menu and get linked to the dropbox it says Invalid Redirect_uri. I had a working follower alert but when I went to go check why it wasn’t working and found that the website now ports to dropbox, but it can’t link to dropbox?

Same thing here glad im not the only one

same issue here. Something borked?

This should be resolved, as the page redirects you to its SSL form now.

New issue “This app is in development mode and can’t accept more users. Contact the app developer and ask them to use the Dropbox API App Console to apply for production status.”


Is that fixed now???

Currently still having issues, the team is working on it.

OK so much thanks! How many time are we going to wait???

Issues never have time frames. We will update everyone once sorted.

Can we use it today???

An announcement has been posted at Regarding Dropbox Errors

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