Downloaded VoD has no video after 2 minutes?

I’m trying to download this VoD: As you can see it looks fine. I’ve downloaded it at least 3 times, and every time it has the same issue:

-Video stops/freezes for the rest of the VoD after about 2 minutes in, audio remains intact
-The file is 100 MB instead of 700 like usual (but the length of the stream is the same as the others)

This happens in both the editing software and VLC so I’m pretty sure it’s not a software glitch on my end.

I really need to get this stream because I need to edit it and I can’t upload the streams out of order… It’s already backed up two videos and I’m really not looking forward to the four-hour editing session.

Using Chrome. Windows 7 64-bit. Only extension is AdBlockPlus. My internet is moderately slow if that would affect anything, but I downloaded 3 other streams with no problem.

I was trying to download it and another one for testing, but whenever the servers even open up it takes an hour just to get to 3%… So I’ll try again tomorrow. If I’m lucky it will just resolve itself spontaneously. In the meanwhile, I’m open to suggestions.

So it sounds like the video of that VoD is partially corrupted and ffmpeg (what we use server-side to compile video parts into a file) stopped detecting the video. You might try highlighting the video portions after that 2 minute mark, which might allow our servers to get past the bad segment(s).

It appears to have worked. Thank you. ^^

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