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Downloaded clip jumbled up


So I haven’t used TwitchDown in a while as there was a period where it kept re-directing me to the select highlights page but not let me make markers or download anything. But I tried again just now and it let me select highlights from my highlights page and download them, which is what I was looking for.

However, when opening the downloaded file after it was done, the clip is completely jumbled up so for example, it will play the first two seconds and then jump to a portion maybe 5-10 seconds later in the clip, then play for a few seconds then jump back to where the first one left off, rinse and repeat the entire clip. I have never seen this before. Just for this clip I will try to work around it with meticulous editing, but I was just wondering if that was a known problem.

Thank you for your service!


I made changes to the server today to asynchronously download file parts to give a slight speedup to download times, and this didn’t cross my mind nor did it appear during testing. I’ve pushed a fix for it, so it shouldn’t happen again. I’ve also purged all downloads so people who were affected can redownload without there being a cache.


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