Doubt about alias and other commands

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I’d like to know if would be possible to set an alias for commands like /timeout. I’m a mod for a channel and i want to customize some commands (i’m starting on this world of twitch/nightbot commands).

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Sorry, currently the only chat commands you can make Nightbot run through custom commands are /me (used to make Nightbot’s messages the same color as its username, purple-ish blue aka blurple) and /marker (used to make stream highlights).

Oh, I see. Thanks for the information and for your quick answer.

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Hi how to set the command of night can you help me set the command

Hi @COC_BHATIA, did you mean how to set a normal command to nightbot?

!commands add !yourcommand the response you want the command does.

Ex: !commands add !hi Hi to everyone, thanks for join the stream.

Also, you can set up a command like this:

!addcom !hi Hi to everyone…

You can see the guide of a commands in:


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