Double-Click Translation not registering?

I have always used the Double Click translation to read on korean chats easier. However, about 2 or 3 weeks ago, when i double click, on any language, it is stuck saying “Translating…” without ever ending to give me the translation.I have Double Click translation turned on yet it doesn’t go. I had removed BTTV and installed it again and it is still doing it. I haven’t done anything to change my bttv up or got any more extensions for chrome. Is this a bug?

Hey Couid,

Currently the translation is broken due to Google blocking queries for their translation api. So the NightDevs are looking for a workaround but no ETA on it.

You can keep track of issues over on our github -

Vaughn Whiskey

Alright, now i know where to get updates. Thank you so much for the response.

“Double-Click to Translate” has been removed as Google is now blocking our method of obtaining free translations. Unfortunately due to the scale BetterTTV operates, we can no longer offer translations and this has been removed.