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Don't stop Twitchdown


Twitch down is great to download videos for free to upload them to youtube.I aknolage th fact why you are stopping it but twitch downloader isnt working for people that i know are using twitch down(also like me) It is doing no harm up please can you keep it up? Who is with me? #keeptwichdowngoing


With twitch having a first party method for streamers and editors to download vods there really isn’t too much reason for twitchdown to stay up. If it is somewhat glitchy (which i have heard mentioned a couple times) hopefully twitch works on improving it, which if many broadcasters/editors use it they will have a reason to.

Twitchdown will stay up until November 1st, so at least there is that.

It costs money to run the servers that host twitchdown, it was a 3rd party solution to a problem that twitch has now added a solution for.


But how do we download streamer videos without twitchdown? For example, I played with a streamer the other day and want the clip. Without twitchdown, I don’t know how else to get it. If you guys are definitely taking down twitchdown, can you give me a recommendation of how I can get the videos? Thanks.


I would like to know too.
Can you guys at least release an executable or a script that does the same function locally without using your servers?


Because of the use of FFMPEG and the patents that are there the script/program cannot be released. That is why it is a website application and not something that you download.


How about without ffmpeg? Make it external? Source code for the rest of the script/program to compile for cross platform?