Donation success through streamtip to paypal, but not showing on dashboard


I received a donation from a viewer through my streamtip link to paypal at 3:58. I never received notice from alerters nor does the donation show up on my streamtip dashboard or tips page. The donation is real and correctly processed through paypal. I received an email from paypal notifying me of the donation at 6:34. This is the strangest delay. This transaction still does not show up anywhere on my streamtip page. Any ideas on what to even fix?


If PayPal was that delayed in notifying you via email, perhaps they experienced a bug that caused the transaction to be improperly processed. If that is the case, Streamtip was not properly notified of the transaction and it never showed up. In cases like this, you should reach out to us privately, provide us detailed transaction information (names, exact dates/times/timezones, and IDs) and we can investigate.


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