Donation On-Stream Message?

So basically, I got the Donation thing working, so it says when a person donates. All that is left now, is how do I make what the person that donated said in the message, to pop up on my stream? I’m using if that has anything to say…

Thanks for any help

To make a popup message come up on stream, you need to use NightDev’s Tip Alert.

I have the donation alert thing, and I’ve got it going. it’s just that the message that the donators leave won’t show up on stream!

Make sure you fully followed the video tutorial on how to set up the StreamTip Visual Alerter.

The video will cover how to set it up in OBS and XSplit.

currently the alert doesn’t show the messages left with donations. it only shows name - amount. Night and Devs are planning on adding this soon i do believe.

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This is one of the main key features which is missing from StreamTip! You see many people using subalert just because of this.

Sodapoppin uses StreamTip, he still gets onscreen messages D:

What? How? Is he using another program then to do this I guess?

Patience folks… A new alerting system is in the works, but this sort of thing takes time to do, and even more time to do properly.

In the meantime the Streamtip Alerter app can display the most recent message on stream…

Yes but this means showing the note permanently on stream, unless you manually show/hide the source in OBS.

Most streamers have it so that the message is shown in the alert itself so the note it is only shown temporarily. This is what we are after. Not just importing a text file.

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