Donation and Sub alerts on one page?

Hi, I’m trying to get the donation and the subscriber alerts to work on one externally hosted URL, but it seems that the files are not the same between streamtip and nightdev, and they obviously overwrite eachother if I try to use both resources at once. Is there a way I can do this? Are the versions actually the same and I am messing something else up?


EDIT: To clarify, I want them on one page because they use the same elements in the visual alert, so they have to coordinate.

Streamtip uses the latest version of (1.0 I believe). The sub alert will still be using an older version. You will not be able to run both of them in the same page, due to name conflicts…

Right, I understand that. So there is no way to use both? I guess I’d have to use a custom file with renamed variables… Thanks though.

Can I ask why you need them in the same file?

That works I guess. :wink:

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