Donation amount/streamers receive

Can you add 2 boxes: 1- amount to donate 2 - amount streamers receive, - so the donator can enter the sum he wants to donate and it will show the amount streamer will get (“donated sum” - “taxes”) and vice versa. taxes (paypal, country taxes) can be added manually by streamers based on their location.

Unfortunately it’s not feasible for us to do that, sorry. Your feature request implies that we have access to a) the fees PayPal charges where the streamer is located b) the taxes a streamer pays where they are located. PayPal charges different rates globally, and we have no knowledge of fees before a tip is sent. Additionally, we have no knowledge of where a streamer lives apart from an IP address, so we have no means to select a tax rate for them.

no need to do besides adding 2 boxes and a new setting in donation settings

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