Donation Alert with text on screen and text to speech


I’m not quite sure how active this site is due to the lack of comments on other threads. But since I don’t know what else to do I’ll give it a try.

The thing is, that I love streamtip. I like having the little program open and see my recent tips. Unlike others, I like this feature a lot and also that it allows me to put recent/top/etc donators through the text files on to my stream. That’s huge plus points from me. I enjoy how useful streamtip is but then I’m disappointed to see that nightdev has put no effort into updating some features. I HATE how low the sound of the text to speech is and what I hate more is the fact that the text people put in their donations, do not appear on the stream. It only says who donated how much and that is quite frustrating for me. Followers enjoy that feature that others can see what they put in their text on stream + have a bot read it out loud. I dislike the lack of creativity they give us to work with. It has been the same old thing since years. The donation alert picture or gif, has to be the exact size they want it to be, other wise it gets cut off which is just ugly. I wanted to change the gif today that shows on my stream when I get a donation and I just left it as it is at the end since the new gif just got cut and cropping it just looks dumb because of the quality loss.

Then I tried out muxy that streamtip has there as an alerter. I loved the variation of the text to speech voices. They are loud and clear. I also loved that I can put a picture/gif and the text people write shows on top it or next to it, depending what you choose. Then again muxy has its own tipping page which means I will have no more use for the streamtip alerter program nor for streamtip itself. I’m not much into all these alerts and I don’t know which would be the best one out there. Because it can be highly annoying how much % they take from your donations and paypal honestly takes enough of the money already.

I would love to keep streamtip because of the program and the fact that I can put my recent donators on my stream through the text files. But as I said… I want the text of the donations on my stream which will force me to switch streamtip sooner or later… It’s sad to see that nightdev has not bothered to update or keep up with other alerts in that matter in 4 years.

If you guys have any suggestions and can help me out (as I said, I don’t know which alerter would allow me to use all the stuff I want on my stream) I would appreciate it a lot! :slight_smile:


This sounds like a configuration issue on your end. When text to speech is playing I would recommend opening your volume mixer and seeing what the levels are set to for the text to speech.

You are able to use Muxy with Streamtip if you wish to keep using our desktop alerter program but their on-screen alerts.

Streamtip and any of our alerts can effectively be considered feature complete and will only receive maintenance updates. I don’t have a passion for alerts anymore and hate the state that alerts have become on Twitch.


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