Donation Alert on CLR Browser audio cuts out when editing font size for donator's name and amount in CSS

When I change the font in CLR Browser’s CSS my audio cuts out, but when it I take off the custom font size it works fine but viewers cannot see the name very well. This only happens for the donation alert, not the follower alert. The follower alert works perfect. I’ve redone all the settings several times on NightDev’s website and the CSS in CLR Browser. I am running the most current version of CLR and using OBS.

Do you have a video showing this occurring? It’s very strange for a CSS change to affect audio.

I will make one really quick. Will YouTube link work?

Here is what happens.
I will add that I have the same CSS for the follower alert and same exact picture, but a different sound that’s around the same length. The follower alert works flawlessly

What you’re seeing is the page going into an infinite loop as the text size doesn’t fit the boundary of the box it’s in, so it is trying to resize the text but is unable to (since you’ve set the CSS to “!important”). The alert’s max size is supposed to be 580px x 110px, and if you utilize those constraints the default text size should be decently sized.

What if I were to expand such box in CSS? Or can I not do that and its set to where its at.

It’s not possible to change the text size, as the limit is built into the alert.

Ok. I will just make do with what i can do. Thank you very much!

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