Donation Alert Froze Today

Hey guys.

I was streaming today and using the current Donation Alert available on Streamtip for download. I noticed that it posts any messages attached to the donation into the text div, and it seemed to crash when I received a very large message. The graphic came up, my sound started, then interrupted mid sound and the graphic stayed on the screen indefinitely, throughout all my scenes (using global source)

I use OBS and have a log if needed. Thanks!

Using global sources with CLR Browser tends to bug it out. I suggest avoiding global sources for this purpose.

Oh really? Crap ok I’ll try swapping my alerts to per scene sources. Thanks!

Follow up semi related question: Is there a way to adjust the div so that the text will form new lines if people leave long messages, or remove messages entirely from displaying? Or do I just need to make sure it’s big enough and the test is small enough to fit everything?

Thanks for the prompt response. Your projects are awesome btw!

Messages don’t actually display in the visual alerts (at least not at this time).

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