Donation Alert doesnt pop up

It’s probably something simple i followed all the instructions even using the same Sonic coin noise (lol) but when i get a donation it doesnt pop up on my screen just pops up in my paypal and in the donations.exe, i use the &preview=true and it pops up, but not when it happens for real.

Just some simple troubleshooting questions, is the donation clr browser source on the top of your sources? think of it as layers, make sure the donation clr browser is on top of everything else.

Another thing is are you using the x32 repack of the CLR Browser that Night suggests in the steps? can be found here - also you will need to use x32 bit of OBS for this.

Did you add the css aswell that was given in the steps under the css tab of the CLR Browser?

Let me know if you have done these and we will keep on troubleshooting.

I’m having the VERY same problem. I use XSplit. My donations do register in the menu and in the donations.exe, but they won’t show on screen. I’ve used the older system for months and never had a problem. I switched over to the new system yesterday and I’m now unable to use this service.

Thoughts and suggestions are most welcome. Thank you!

I’m having the same problem, donation alert works when i test it on my preview on OBS.

However I have had two donations (via streamtip) on my twitch and neither have triggered the alert.

I’m having the Problem aswell. I receive the TIP and everything but the alert does not trigger.

If tips are not triggering the alerts, but ‘preview=true’ is, it means the streamtip Visual Alerter is setup incorrectly…

It sounds like many users are trying to use the old Visual Donation Alerter from with the new site. This will not work. Anyone having issues, regardless if you think you used the correct setup page, should recreate their alert on the following page…

When creating your alert please make sure both your ‘API Client ID’ and your ‘API Access Token’ are correctly copied from the streamtip accounts page, and into the alerter creation page.

Lastly, at least while creating your alert, use a civilized internet browser (in other words not Microsoft Internet Explorer). Below are download links for Google Chrome, and Firefox internet browsers…

Google’s Chrome internet browser:

Mozilla’s Firefox browser:

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