Donation alert does not disapear with OBS

First of all, I apologize if it has already been answered but I could not find any information.

Here’s the problem, I made a donation alert with a custom image/sound from here ( and linked it with StreamTip with some correct IDs.

When I tried it with the OBS preview, it wouldn’t disapear no matter how long I have waited.
I tried it on stream thinking it could have been a problem with the preview and it didn’t disapear unless I unchecked the source on OBS.
Just to know if it was a general problem, I tried creating an alert without custom image/sound. It worked very well, disapearing after 10 seconds, etc…

Have you ever encountered the same issue? I checked the log files and saw nothing alarming, I am now helpless and hopeless (just kidding, of course :smiley: )
I’d be very thankful if you can come up with an idea to fix it.

Most likely the sound file you are uploading is corrupted. Try a different sound.

Thanks for the reply :smiley:
It does stay on screen with just a custom image (I tried with some .png and .gif) and no sound.
What are the images formats supported for this alert?

Anything you can upload to imgur is supported. I believe there is a 1mb file limit.

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