Donation Alert and Streamtip

Is there a way to get Visual Donation Alert to work with Streamtip? It worked great with Stream Donation Beta…

Or is My API Key wrong? What API key should I be using there?

API Client ID that I use in Streamtip?
API Access Token that I use in Streamtip?

The test one works just fine…

I have the same problem. I will host a 24+ hour livestream and I need help with this fast.
Everything woked fine before. When some1 donate the sound comes, not the alert bar thing. Halp?

Visual alerts are not yet ready for the brand new streamtip site. They will be coming. In the mean time just use the alerter app to play sounds.

The Client ID and Access Token are found on the streamtip accounts page…

Is there ANY WAY to be able to get back to the old one? or make a temporary fix?

Yah i figured that the Alpha of Streamtip didn’t have it yet… and it wasn’t compatible with the old one… that’s ok! keep up the good work NightDev!

You can now generate visual alerts again. Check the downloads page for info:

Good! Works perfect! Keep up the good work, and ill keep donating!

The question still was not answered in the video… Neither the access token nor the client id work in place of the API key I need for the donation tracker progrtam settings. Any Idea what to do?

i need this too for donation tracker -.-

Please read the below post for information relevant to a few of you experiencing unrelated issues to the main issue most are having in this topic:

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