Doesn't work at all

KapChat doesn’t work at all in the most recent version of OBS Studio (as of this post) nothing shows up, even when I try the preview, same goes for Follower notification. I’m posting this in KapChat though because chat is more important to me.

This should be fixed at this time i believe. It was due to a change in the websocket on twitch’s end.

If you are having any further issues please post the link that is being generated so we can try it out/look into it. The issue shouldn’t be on OBS’s end, just a coincidence in changes (if it were on obs then it would be for OBS to fix, not us. As it is the browser plugin doing weird stuff, not us).

If this is fixed now does that mean I need to get a new weblink for it?

Uhhh, i actually am not sure. Does the current one work? :stuck_out_tongue:

If not, then get a new one! If it does, then you are fine.

The current URL I have doesn’t work so yeah I’ll get a new one

I don’t know if the &preview=true works with the chat or not but I got a new URL for the Follower alert and it still doesn’t work (I did add &preview=true to the end of it) do I need to get rid of "body { background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); margin: 0px auto; overflow: hidden; }"
The BrowserSource plugin add’s that automatically…

Kapchat is currently working fine for me:

Follower alert is also working fine:

Could you please post your link? Also what version of OBS are you using?


OBS Version:
OBS Studio 0.15.2

Your link is currently working fine for me as well:

It appears the issue may be that the obs with browser source may not have been properly installed, you may want to attempt reinstalling it (and installing the version that comes with the browser source if you dont already). And also when testing these links you can just put them plainly in your browser to see if they work. Thats all the browser source does.

Oh, OK, I’ll try that, give me a few minutes.

yeah it works now, don’t know what was wrong with my last installation of Browser Source… shouldn’t even be a plugin it should just come as part of the software because it’s pretty basic xD

(probably the same problem with the follower count too!)

Glad you got it all sorted out :slight_smile:

before this chain closes, you wouldn’t happen to have any knowledge of nightbot would you?

I do, yea. but i would recommend making a new thread in the nightbot category. That way if someone has a similar question they can search through and find it in the future. Its not off in some unrelated kapchat thread.

oh it’s OK I don’t need help after all xD (side note, can I close this thread manually or do I have to just wait?)

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