Doesnt import Spotify Playlist

When trying to add my personal Spotify Playlist with the Nightbot App, it shows 54 tracks which then just disappear and my List still is empty… I restarted both apps and opened spotify first etc, doesnt work :frowning:

Just a wild guess, but maybe your spotify playlist isn’t public?

I tested an import to your channel and it succeeded successfully, so I’m not sure. As Sh00s said, make sure the playlist you are linking is public. Also make sure you are not importing more than 5000 songs (the maximum you are allowed in the Nightbot song requests playlist), since that may cause you problems too.

Playlist is public and I am using this link:

This issue was probably due to [FIXED] "no tracks found"

If you try importing now, does it work?

hm when i try to add a playlist it doesnt work but adding single tracks does…

This should be fixed now. The Spotify API was returning a null track for some reason. I will open an issue with them because this appears to be a bug on their end.

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It’s working now, thanks a lot !

For some reason, it stucks at the one song playing and loops…

Be sure to disable repeat and cross-fade from within Spotify.

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Thanks a lot! Now it’s working fine :smiley:

Im having the same issue actually… I have the Nightbot client and this is my spotify playlist url :
it is also made public

I have no issue with importing that playlist. Do you have anyway to reproduce this?

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