Does Streamtip dox you?


I just wanted to know how streamtip works? What are the different methods you can choose to receive payment? Is paypal the only one, or are there others? Does streamtip reveal your personal information to people donating? I would assume that when they get the end of month statements it will list the real names of those people they gave money to using paypal. Or, is stream tip like patreon in that is keep the content creator anonymous?

Some complex questions, I know, so I appreciate any information you can provide.


Streamtip can utilize both Coinbase and Paypal. Paypal is not really anonymous payment platform, however you can use a business account to change the contact infomation. Streamtip uses this transaction inflammation to provide you with stats and easy recognition of who donated to you. This information is private.

Payments at the end of the month are provided by Paypal so I would check on how they format user information. I hope this helps in what your looking for.


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