Does BTTV automatically update on Safari on MacOS?

First time asking here so sorry for breaking any rules.

On Chrome the process is completely different, but in short it automatically updates and does its thing once installed.

On Safari on Mac, the extension installed under Preferences/Extensions tab says the "BetterTTV 6.8 by NightDev"
BUT under BTTV Settings on the About tab shows the latest version “BetterTTV v7.0.17” at this time.

So since the extension plug-in itself isn’t updating on its own (its not part of the Apple Safari Extension Gallery) this makes me think that its being updated automatically on the backend as the changelog/version number is latest.

Can anyone who knows about this confirm?


The browser extension version doesn’t really matter since we pull the latest version when you browse Twitch. But yes, if we did update the extension itself it would autoupdate too.

Alright, so I’m good to go.

I just didn’t want to manually update the extension every time, but since it doesn’t matter as you say, it puts my mind at rest.


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