Does anyone recognize this emote and can help me find it?

This is the emote I am talking about . I’ve seen it on the frontpage of the bttv page and a friend of mine would love to enable it in his channel. We browsed over 550 of the current 852 pages of emotes already, but were unable to find it. If anyone recognizes it, please reply to the thread.

Thanks in advance,

I spent some time looking for the emote and i did find it:

However as you can see it is not set to shared. You could try talking to the creator of the emote to see if they would be willing to set it as shared. I also found a similar looking emote that is shared here:

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he is live at the moment and apparently didn’t share it on accident… he instantly shared it after we asked him for it, so thanks a lot for finding it for us! we really appreciate it
have a good day!

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