Does all streamtip commands also work for ImRaising?

Because streamtip does take some of your donations and ImRaising doesn’t.

Unfortunately all programs/services here only work with Streamtip, sorry. You would need to look elsewhere if you want to use ImRaising.

This is not technically true. Imraising does indeed charge a 1.9% rate on their tips. The only thing the site allows you to do is to have the tipper pay the 1.9% coverage.

“What is your rate?ImRaising has a 1.9% rate to cover
operating costs. You never have to pay invoices. The rate is taken out
of donations during the donation process. Donors can pay the rate for
you.” Source-

This Streamtip has operating costs as well. Some users just don’t feel satisfied when they have to pay an invoice, yet don’t realize they are already paying one with Imraising when the tip is made.

Hope this helps.

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