DJ request dublicate

When I add song to queue using “+ Request Song” button it’s dublicates. But it disappear when reload page.

What browser and O/S? Did you try clearing your cookies and cache?

Windows 10, Firefox 48.0
Clear cache and cookies, same problem.
Video of reproducing bug:

Does this issue occur on other browsers, like Chrome or Edge? We had previously fixed this same issue, so I’m fairly positive you’re on a cached version of the page.

Make sure when you clear your cookies and cache that you’re selecting exactly the same as below (Everything + Cache + Cookies).

Just test on Chrome. Same issue but a bit different: it dublicate every second request…
Clearing cache doesn’t help.

We’ve identified the bug and have released a fix. Please clear your cache again and let us know if it’s still happening for you.

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Fixed. Thanks you so much!

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