Discord role syncing

Looks like Nightbot has decided it doesn’t want to sync roles any more once again

RE: Discord role syncing has stopped working

Having the same issue here, was just about to report this too

Sorry for the delay. This should be fixed.

Regulars now appear to be syncing, however mods still don’t seem to be yet.

(I am adjusting integration settings as a manager of someone else’s Nightbot, not sure if this could be affecting things).

I checked the logs and everything is syncing fine. If mods are not syncing it’s a configuration issue on your server. Ensure the moderators role is below Nightbot’s or it cannot sync people to that role.

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Thanks for sorting it again. Has the underlying problem been found or was it just another reboot again?

Unfortunately I have not had time to dive into small issues like this, sadly. My extra time has been devoted to rewriting BetterTTV because it’s been lit on fire by Twitch changes to the point where it cannot reliably function until rewritten.

Ahh yep, it was the role order stopping Nightbot from syncing mods, thanks :thumbsup:

Fair enough. Best of luck with sorting everything out :slight_smile:

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