Discord Role Sync stopped working

Sometime during the last couple of days, the role sync just up and stopped working.

Things I’ve attempted to troubleshoot:

  • Updated the sync settings
  • Disconnected Nightbot, re-connected.
  • Disconnected Nightbot and then dropped the link to the server, then re-configured/reconnected

The only change that has happened recently that I can think of that may have an impact is that I got Twitch Affiliate. I had set up a subscriber role in my Discord last night prior to streaming, then configured nightbot to sync subscribers to it, as of this morning it hasn’t sync’d either the subscribers or the new mod I also added. Mod syncing was working at some point prior to when I became an Affiliate, but I don’t exactly go through mods often to see if that works.

I did check to make sure everyone that is supposed to be sync’d has their Discord & Twitch accounts linked; indeed at least two of them are in another channel/Discord server that I moderate for and their roles updated properly (through Nightbot) in that server. So I’ve ruled out issues where people weren’t account linked properly.

What else should I be checking?

Nightbot doesn’t sync Twitch subscribers, you’ll need to enable this in the Discord server settings. For roles like moderation the user needs to have their Twitch account connected to Discord.

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