Discord Role Sync not working again

I could’ve sworn I posted this a few days ago but can’t find it. Anyway it looks like Nightbot has decided it doesn’t want to sync roles any more once again. It seemed to work randomly a few days ago after I thought I posted this initially and has then stopped working once more.

RE: Discord role syncing has stopped working

Unfortunately it will remain broken until I have time to look into it, which I do not currently. No eta.

In my discord nothing is wrong with the roles its just when I updated it, its failing to update and just keeps on poping up when I’m playing a game and it just keeps on bothering me. Do you know how to fix it?

This is not Discord support. You should email Discord for that.

Are you at least able to reset it like you normally do? It usually works for about a month or so after you do that. I don’t mind coming in here each time it stops working if it gets it rebooted.

It’s been breaking within a day after reset, meaning that there’s some reason why it is breaking. I hypothesize that the mod list queries I send to Twitch are breaking, and the shitty library I am using for that is not handling it properly. I don’t have time to investigate it right now, unfortunately, but will as soon as I am able.

Fair enough. Thanks for the info anyway :slight_smile:

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