Discord Role Sync Doesn't Work

I’ve waited over night for the roles to sync on my Discord server related to my twitch but nightbot doesn’t seem to want to work. I can manually give the roles but I don’t want to if nightbot can auto give them.

Due to technical limitations Nightbot only syncs the roles of active users every 15 minutes, meaning a user must speak in chat to be synced.

So if they type it should sync. Thanks for the info.

Is Twitch Nightbot watching for them to speak, or Discord Nightbot? I’ve been active in both and haven’t been assigned the Sub role.

Nightbot watches for people speaking on Discord, not Twitch, for role syncing. If syncing is not working ensure the role you’re syncing to is below Nightbot’s role in server settings, and that you have connected your Twitch account to Discord.

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