Discord Integration: URL Filtering Question

Hey folks -

I’ve got Nightbot integrated on both my Twitch channel and my Discord server. One issue I seem to have is with Discord stupidly processing links that have no spaces before or after them. Nightbot sees this link:

And deletes it. But if a little bastard decides to do something like this:

This is a way to get around Nightbothttp://www.amazon.com … Discord will process it and show the link around the actual URL, and Nightbot completely misses it.

I’ve tried blacklisting http, http:, and a few other patterns. None of them seem to work. Is there some other trick I can use? Or, could we get the Nightbot URL code to look for these sorts of things and kill them? :slight_smile:


this is due to how Discord detects links. for this specific case you may need to blacklist *http://* and *https://*

That doesn’t work properly. It’s not recognizing the pattern properly.

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