Discord Integration: Role sync automatically in intervals

Is it possible to let the discord integration automatically sync the roles even if the affected user does not write anything?
At the moment:
User XYZ gets e.g. Moderator rank in Twitch
→ Nothing happens in Discord
User XYZ writes a message in a text channel
→ After <15 minutes the user gets the rank

It would be better, if the bot syncs the roles additionally in an interval like every hour.
Is this possible?

Best regards!
Marvin :slight_smile:

Hey @marvin_mrsteelmine!

Sorry, but this is not possible.
The bot will only syncs people who send a message and who have their Twitch account linked to Discord, given that Nightbot can see the channel’s messages, to comply with Discord’s API rate limits and to not spam it.
Requesting the server’s member list is very expensive, even every hour, and it’s ideal if you can do without it. Besides, bots should only do an action after an user “requested” it. When an user sends a message Nightbot sees it and checks their connections, that’s how it determines if the user is a moderator or not. Sending a message acts as a request here.

Okay, I unterstand. Thank you anyway!

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