Discord integration & commands gone without notice


I have been managing a Discord server with Nightbot for more than an year. Nightbot was used as an admin that returns various users’ command input.

For some reason, however, Nightbot started not returning any commands input, including default commands like !title, !commands and others. The last time it functioned properly was on February 2nd, 2019, and since then it never responded to any command, both custom and default ones. I retrieved the commands list URL it used to show before the issue and found out that all the custom commands list was gone for good. Moreover, the bot seemed detached between Nightbot managing account and the target Discord server, even though the bot still exists in the server.

I found out that Nightbot was essentially disintegrated from the target Discord server because it returned some default commands after I manually called in the bot even though the bot was already at the server.

For your reference, I used YouTube account to manage and integrate Nightbot into the Discord server. The bot was successfully invited and had functioned as it should be for more than an year.

I am wondering if there was some changes made to Nightbot in Discord that caused issues with integration feature.

Moreover, I would like to know if there is any way to retrieve the old commands list my Discord server had with the YouTube account-linked Nightbot. This sudden disintegration issue is causing a lot of people in the server great pain and agony. I hope there is commands list inside the database that you could restore for our server.

Thank you.

We occasionally prune accounts which are not using Nightbot in their streams, so I’m guessing this is why your data was deleted. If you reach out to us at https://nightdev.com/contact we might be able to restore your account.

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