Discord "forbidden"

Hello there. I am trying to let nightbot manage (twitch and) discord. The second I add nightbot to discord by clicking “join server” I have no server listed as you can see on the screenshot below.

I am owner of the discord server and have all permissions. however, when I give the “@everyone” group the “manage server” permission the server shows up.

But from the screenshot below it’s obvious I have all permissions already by default, owner role or not.

While I see nightbot online, I don’t see any server listed in my dashboard.

Am I doing something wrong?

From your screenshot it looks as though Nightbot is already in your discord server (bottom of the members list), you can test it’s working by typing a Nightbot command (e.g. !commands) into your Discord text channel and Nightbot should respond.

On the Integrations page, you should see a settings button and a disconnect button under the Discord section if Nightbot is linked with your Discord server.

You can find more info on Discord Integration on the docs here :thumbsup:

Yes, he seems to be active on my server. But the bot does not respond to any command.
He only seemed to be able to join after I gave “everyone” the “manage server” permission. But obviously. not everyone should manage the server.

It’s almost like mine are ignored as owner.

“No servers yet… Click “Join Server” to make Nightbot join one.”

Here you can see what I see. I see no server. But I clearly have the permission.

I want him to join. But the server is just not available without giving everyone the permission.
The only way I get nightbot back into my channel is by giving everyone the permission. However, this does not change anything otherwise.

I cannot reproduce this issue with a freshly created server. So while I can’t deny the issues your experiencing, I can say that the service is working.

Tomorrow morning I will try and make a video showing what actions I take. Maybe I make a mistake maybe I don’t. But I want to know what’s going on :slight_smile:

You need to disconnect Discord from your Nightbot account. Then, head to https://discordapp.com/channels/@me and log out of the account you’re signed into (you will notice it is not the right account). Then head back to the Nightbot control panel and relink Discord. At that point you can add your Discord server.

Previous to this I removed all cookies.

So I followed the instructions.

I kicked nightbot out of the discord channel. logged into the web version of discord. (account was right?). Only have one account to begin with. Then logged out.Went back to nightdev dashboard and unlinked nightbot from the server and linked again. After doing this, I got the message “server name” settings updated" and I was effectively able to get it working with you guys help!

Previous to this I have done all of this except log out of the webclient using the logout process of discord.
Commands now also work :smiley:

Thanks guys :smiley:

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