Discord Emotes - Exclusive to this site?

Hi, I administrate a private Discord server that’s for a group of my friends and I was interested in adding custom emotes to it, on finding this site I was disappointed to find that I can’t have custom emotes because my Twitch channel isn’t “big” enough (I have no intention of using these for Twitch, only Discord) and have to use a limit of 5 shared emotes.

My question is this: The custom emotes thing is clearly something supported by Discord in some way, I’m wondering if this is some kind of exclusive partnership with this site or if I would somehow be able to access it and add emotes to my server manually. I can’t find anything about it and searches for Discord custom emotes only lead to this site. So, is there a way to manually add custom emotes to a Discord server I administrate?

I’ve read in a couple of places on the forum that the Discord integration is just a side thing and BTTV does not want to become a place where Discord users flock to which is partially why I ask this because knowing how to take advantage of this feature ourselves would mean we don’t need to use BTTV just for Discord.

Night works for discord and that is why this feature is currently exclusive to BetterTTV. You cannot add your own custom emotes through discord directly, if you could most users wouldn’t be flocking to bttv to use it for such.

Ah. I believe that on Reddit about 11 months ago someone from Discord made the remark that custom emotes were planned and “almost done” but I’m not sure if there’s been any word on them since then. I really hope the custom emotes feature is expanded a bit. Thanks anyway.

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