[DISCORD] Emotes desynched for days?

Hello! I run a server alongside another twitch streamer, twitch.tv/NorixWolfe
For quite a while we have both used BTTV with our discord server to utilize both our emotes.
As of two days ago, only half of our emotes were showing up in the list that was selectable on Discord, despite the full list being visible from BTTV and Twitch. We assumed letting it sit and resynch would fix it. This did not fix it, and in fact it only got worse. Less emotes were appearing.
I just tried to resynch MY bot today with out server. This resulted in ALL emotes now being gone, and appears to have forced the OTHER BTTVbot to also disconnect, which was bizarre. After a resynching of my bot was done, only ONE emote has come back. The other bot has still for some reason been disconnected.

Basically? Our BTTV bots are really messed up. Can someone please help?

It’s not possible to have BetterTTV sync emotes for two channels to the same Discord server. If that ever worked then I’m surprised it did. You will wind up with a state of undefined behavior if two channels are linked to the same server, which includes some or none of one or both channels being synced.

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