Disappeared Tip

Hello! I’m very new to setting up donations and whatnot, so please excuse my ignorance! I was, however, able to set it up flawlessly and received my first tip yesterday :smiley:

However, I went to back to check my page earlier after the beta period ended when I noticed that any documentation about that tip is gone, as if I had never received anything. I would hate for his donation to be taken out of his account yet get lost somewhere…?

Did something happen? I will appreciate any response! Thank you so much!

Please check out this post for more information: Transactions Lost

Thank you! It’s quite unfortunate that it was purged, but I didn’t see anything about whether those tips will be returned when the scripts are fixed and whatnot. I’m guessing that’s a given, but I wanted to make sure - will the tip be reimbursed/canceled back to the donor?

Nothing will be canceled or reimbursed, as you still get the money from transactions that are removed from my database (nor do I even have the ability to do such a thing). Streamtip only listens for transactions and tracks them on behalf of you.

I see and understand. Thank you for the response! I appreciate your help! :slight_smile:

Did this purge happen by mistake?

Had a message at the top about the Streamtip merge, but NOTHING about a purge. WTF?

I put donaters in Nightbots Regular list, and I need the transaction list from Streamtip/Streamdonation to see their Twitch names!
Paypal usually only shows their paypal e-mail, which for the most part, is unrelated with their Twitch name.

A warning would have been really nice, so people like myself could backup the transactions.

I love everything you’ve done for Twitch and for streamers Night!

but wtf…

This was unintentional. Please check out the announcement I posted last night: Transactions Lost

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