Disable host mode

I do not understand this option.

I am searching for a way to disable automatically starting a channel when the channel I watch is hosting someone.

So, does the “disable host mode” option do exactly this, or is it for a streamer to host another streamer? The explanation to this option isn’t quiet clear.

Yes, disable host mode means when you are on a channel page that is hosting someone then the hosted stream will not show up. It will just show their offline profile and such.

BetterTTV wouldn’t really have the ability to stop other streamers from being able to host. How would you recommend changing the text to be more clear however? I never really thought it was too vague.

Thanks mate, great to hear. Using BetterTTV for a while, good to see it can also solve this annoyance.

About the menu entry, I think something like this would be clearer:

Disables forwarding to hosted channels on Twitch
Disables autoplay of hosted channels on Twitch (youtube calls it autoplay)

Just “Disables hosted channels on Twitch” could refer to the following list and hosted channels on there or the function for streamers.

Well, thats just me.

The feature predates Twitch adding it to the following list, which is why it may be confusing at this point.

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