Destiny 2 Trials Card

I wanted to create a !card command for a stream I mod for, so that when viewers ask what win the streamer is on, mods can simply type !card to check the wins and update the wins as the card progresses. I’ve seen mods in other chats type !card to view this stat, !win to add a win and !reset to send the number back to 0, but do not know how to do this. I’ve asked the streamers and mods of these other channels to no avail. I checked this topic: Destiny trials card but the commands there no longer work as they are for the D1 trials and thus do longer work. Can anyone help with this?

Hiya! I might create an updated version for that topic you linked, however for now if you want to manually set the wins, have a look at the Nightbot $(count) variable.
This topic will show you the 3 commands you need, for this example it’s a death counter, so you will need to change the command names and text:

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