Desktop notifications box not appearing

I’ve been using Better TTV for over a year and it’s always worked wonderfully. However, I got a new computer and I’m no longer able to get desktop notifications. It’s marked as ‘on’ under Settings, but the box in the top right doesn’t even appear. This was always an incredibly helpful feature for knowing when someone I want to watch comes on so it’s very saddening. I have the latest version of Chrome and BTTV (since they were both just recently downloaded on the new computer). Any ideas on why this is happening?

Oh, apparently SOME people going live will appear on a desktop notification, but the button in the upper right that allows you to see everybody who is currently online is missing.

BetterTTV only shows notifications for streams which you have enabled notifications for. You can click the dropdown arrow on the follow button on streams you aren’t getting notifications for and enable notifications.

I try to do that, but it’s possible I haven’t always, so that might be the problem on my desktop notifications. But regarding the second post, I still don’t have the button on the upper right where I can check who is online. I’m going to go full first-world-problem and complain that I don’t want to open twitch and check who is online if I’m not actively looking for a stream to watch, so is there a reason that isn’t appearing?

BetterTTV doesn’t function unless you have a Twitch page open, sorry. Due to how BetterTTV is deployed, it’s not a possibility to offer this currently. You might wish to use something like Twitch Now if you require specifically this feature.

Huh. I must have had another twitch program that I don’t remember on my old computer that was doing that. Well I apologize for the confusion and thank you for your timely responses.

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