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I’m using BetterTTV version 6.8 with Chrome Version 44.0.2403.157 (64-bit) on OS X 10.10.4 (14E46). For some reason BetterTTV desktop notifications are not working for me.

I’ve confirmed that Chrome notifications in general work (tried here:,js,output just now).

Basically I can look at “Following” and see 2 people online, check back 30 minutes later (using computer the whole time) and see 4 people online, and there was never a pop-up, and there is no record of a notification in the notification center. In the notification center i see “” in the allow list. I just changed Chrome to allow notifications from all sources without confirmation, but I’m doubtful it will solve the issue.

I have email notifications turned off for most of the people I follow because I find it to be too spammy. Does BetterTTV not send desktop notifications if email notifications are disabled for a streamer?

The desktop notifications respect your following notification settings, therefore you’d have to have enable notifications for the specified channel here under “MANAGE CHANNEL NOTIFICATIONS”. To be able to toggle the notifications you’d have to have “A channel I follow goes live” checked under “EMAIL OPTIONS”, but after you’ve toggled all the ones you want to be notified for you can then uncheck the option so that you wont receive an email from Twitch. Note that BetterTTV’s desktop notification system is independent from Twitch’s email notifications, however BetterTTV does use the notifications page of your settings to know which channels to send you a notification for.

Hopefully this makes sense!

Ah, great to know thanks!

I find email notifications to be super-spammy, so I have them turned off for just about everyone. It’s a bit of a bummer that it’s all-or-nothing here with regards to getting desktop notifications if I’m not interested in getting emails for everyone, but at least I know how I should be able to fix this.

Allow me to further explain, within your notification settings under “MANAGE CHANNEL NOTIFICATIONS” you can actually toggle specific channels that you want to either receive notifications for or not. For example, if I wanted to receive notifications for DansGaming’s channel specifically, then I would make sure to check the box as shown in the image below:

And say that I do not want to receive notifications for DeadPine’s channel, then I would just make sure to uncheck the box.

So, it’s not an “all-or-nothing” situation, you’d just have to manually go through and select which channels you want to be notified for and which channels you don’t. Now again after you’ve edit your following notification settings you can disable emails from Twitch.

Sorry, I understood you originally, but did a very poor job of explaining what I meant by “all-or-nothing”.

If I want to receive desktop notifications for everyone I follow, I either also get emails for everyone I follow, or emails for nobody I follow because the mechanisms are intertwined. At any rate, it’s good that it at least works when email notifications are turned off. :smile:

No, you are mistaken. If you read conceptional’s message more carefully, you read that you’re only temporarily turning on email notifications so you can toggle the checkboxes next to channel names in the list.

If you still don’t understand, you can go to each individual channel you follow instead, click the gear on the following button, and then toggle the notifications option there.

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