Desktop app wont play spotify playlist

Trying to play my spotify playlist thru nightbot. I tried to do it on the web version and was told it only worked on the desktop app so I used that and the songs wont play. I put in the playlist from youtube that I was using today and it still wouldn’t play. I can skip songs but they don’t play. I reinstalled spotify and its still not working.

Make sure you are following the instructions listed on

To use Spotify, simply open Spotify before launching the Nightbot app and then head to the song requests player within the app. Then, open the song requests settings and enable Spotify under the “Providers” setting and optionally set Spotify as the “Search Provider” to let users search for music by name/artist through Spotify. Spotify must remain open in order for music to remain playing.

I would recommend completely closing out of both Spotify and the Nightbot App. Opening Spotify first, wait for loading and follow with the opening of the Nightbot App.

Additionally always check that you are on the latest version of the application which can be found in the link above.

I have done this several times I can add spotify songs to the playlist. But they will not play. I have closed both opened spotify and left it there for 10 min then opened nightbot and it still doesnt work I cant even get youtube to play in the desktop app.

Follow the provided instructions in their exact order at

If you’re still having issues, go into your Spotify settings, click “Advanced” and then make sure the following is enabled:

If it’s not, turn it on and then re-follow the instructions from the first link. If you’re still having issues, check your computer’s firewall settings and whitelist both the app and Spotify if necessary. If all else fails, you might also try completely uninstalling Spotify and reinstalling it.

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Still not working, although now youtube and soundcloud are working but still no spotify. I don’t need a premium account for spotify do I its the only thing I can think of?

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