Delivery Counter

I Mod for a guy that Streams himself working as an UberEats food delivery. I made a count command that woud increment each time he delivered. Set to Mods…

CB has delivered $(count) orders today.

Whenever a Mod enters this command, the count would increase by 1.

I want to make it so “Everyone” can make the command to view how many deliveries he’s made but not increase the amount.

As you can tell, I am very new to Twitch and NightBot. I am a Manager on his NightBot. We are learning together on this.

Thanks for any help,

I’ve set up 3 commands, !del to display the count, !updel to increment it (mod-only), and !resetdel to reset the count in !updel.

!addcom -cd=5 !del CB has delivered 0 orders today.

!addcom !updel -a=!editcom !del CB has delivered $(count) orders today.

!addcom !resetdel -a=!editcom !updel \-c=-1

To reset the count displayed in !del, type !resetdel then !updel

Thanks so much for your help… We ran it tonight was very pleased with the results.

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