Deleting song request

I’m a moderator in several channels which use Nightbot’s Song Requests. I can delete songs in chat via the command ‘!songs delete’, but sometimes I accidentally delete a wrong song due to the next song just has started playing. So I was wondering why I couldn’t delete songs at[channel]/song_requests . I know you can delete your own songs but, it would be better if I (as moderator) can delete (all) songs from here, this would it make easier. I hope this will be implemented or in some other way. :wink:

Have the streamer add you as a nightbot manager. This has been asked and discussed before and you can see the response here:

tl;dr - Twitch doesn’t offer an easy way to identify if a user is a moderator. So the functionality cannot be offered at this time even though it is a wanted feature.

Tanks for the answer, but what are all the things a editor can edit (or see)? Only the songlist, timers, regulars, spam filters and the commands?

They can see pretty much everything except for your account settings (obviously). They can setup integrations, add timers, modify commands via the panel, add regulars, etc.

Here is an image of what it looks like logged in as a panel manager:

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